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Nature Study

By Kara Murphy “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” (Psalm 19:1). In the beginning, God instructed Adam to tend the garden and name the animals. As our toddlers bring a board book to us, we point to each picture and name the animals. How many animals can your  Read more »

What is Organic Homeschooling?

Organic Homeschooling is a monthly, subscription-based curriculum using real books and natural methods for children up to age twelve. (Although your older ones will want to join in, too.) For $3.95 a month you receive the month’s curriculum plan, including monthly overviews. Your curriculum is hyper-linked to the books and materials you need. Try a  Read more »

What are homeschoolers saying about Organic Homeschooling?

As a new homeschooler, I’ve been reading and looking for a simple, lifestyle-type learning curriculum or method that doesn’t involve perfection on both the mother’s and the children’s part as far as planning, learning, and training. I’ve found a little here and a little there but am still very nervous about what can and cannot  Read more »

There are so many homeschooling materials out there. Talk about overwhelming! Why add another choice?

As homeschooling parents to ten children, we tried a lot of curriculum. Like Goldilocks, this one was too much work, this one didn’t give enough direction. Over the years, we developed a simple, effective approach to educating our children using real books and natural methods. This approach is cost-effective and keeps the focus where it  Read more »

What subjects do you include?

The curriculum includes Bible stories, basic doctrine, and memory verses; literature, poetry, history, science, and geography; art and music study; nature study; simple hands-on craft activities; memorization; language suggestions; math ideas; suggested reading for mom’s continuing education. Wow, that looks like a lot of content. When you look at the way the plans are laid  Read more »

What do I need to provide?

Since this is a real-books curriculum, each month you will gather four to five books. We choose in-print, easily available books. You can look at your local library or purchase them from Amazon by clicking on the link in the curriculum. We are a single-income large family, so we understand financial pressures. We limit the  Read more »

My child has special needs. Will Organic Homeschooling work for him?

Since all skills are individualized, Organic Homeschooling takes the best approach for special needs children. We have several children who could be labeled “gifted” or “learning disabled.” Try to find another curriculum that addresses the needs of a child who is in a different grade level in every skill subject! This is one of the  Read more »

Do I have to buy a goat or chickens to be an organic homeschooler?

No, we chose the term “organic” to describe this natural, wholesome, relationship-based method of homeschooling. We don’t use controversial or unsavory literature. Organic Homeschooling is pure and simple learning. And guaranteed 100% high-fructose corn syrup free! The goat is optional.

How does monthly billing work?

When you subscribe, your card will be billed $3.95 and you will receive a link to the Basic Resources (used throughout the year) and your curriculum. Thereafter, on the fifteenth of each month, your card will be billed for $3.95 and you will receive a new link to the next month’s curriculum. If you purchase  Read more »

I subscribed in the middle of the month. What do I do?

First, jump in where we. This curriculum is season- and holiday-specific. This will leave you with one or two additional weeks (Weeks 1 and/or 2) that are not complete. We suggest you hold onto these weeks and incorporate them at another time of the year. Organic Homeschooling provides four weeks of curriculum each month, except  Read more »