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More Pumpkin Seed Ideas

Pumpkin seeds aren’t just for toasting. If you have more seeds than you can toast or you want to try something different, look at these Pumpkin Seed Art and Craft Projects. Of course, many of these ideas would work with other types of seeds or beans. Use some of the simpler ideas to profitably occupy  Read more »

Johann Sebastian Bach and the Brandenburg Concertos

The Brandenburg Concertos are widely regarded as the finest musical compositions of the Baroque era. (C’mon, when you hear “baroque,” don’t you think of that little clock in “Beauty and Beast” saying “If is isn’t Baroque, don’t fix it!”?) This is some of the most recognizable “classical” music—used for movies, television commercials, and radio shows  Read more »

Koala Bears?

Evolution Alert in today’s reading! On page 19, evolution and an old earth are assumed in two places. Can your child spot them? Find them on the bottom half of the page. Read up on koalas at Contrast this wit the information given at Wikipedia. Koalas aren’t really bears, but they are Australian-born marsupials  Read more »

“El Shaddai” by Michael Card

When I read the words “El Shaddai” I think of the song by the same title Michael Card. Throughout the song Card refers to stories in which God shows himself to be “El Shaddai,” or “God Almighty.” Discuss the illustrations given with your child.

Picture Study of Paul Cezanne

If you would like to learn more about this season’s artist, Paul Cezanne, Wikipedia has a lengthy entry about him which includes links to many of his paintings. It is important to remember, when using Wikipedia, that since anyone can add information to the site, it isn’t always the most reliable source. Also, sometimes less  Read more »

Matthew Henry on Ephesians 2:8-10

The riches of God’s grace towards men, shown from their deplorable state by nature, and the happy change Divine grace makes in them. (1–10) Sin is the death of the soul. A man dead in trespasses and sins has no desire for spiritual pleasures. When we look upon a corpse, it gives an awful feeling.  Read more »

Joyce Kilmer, Author of “Trees”

Did you assume, as I did, that Joyce Kilmer was a woman? Alfred Joyce Kilmer was born December 6, 1886. He was a prolific Catholic poet and served as a sergeant during World War I until his death on the battlefield in 1918 at the age of thirty-one. Wikipedia has more on his life as  Read more »

Snow Monkeys

Have you ever heard of a Japanese macaque (pronounced muh KACK) before today’s reading? I hadn’t! You can find out more information about Japanese macaques or “snow monkeys” from the BBC and another Snow Monkey site. Japanese macaques would make a great nature topic to learn more about and write a paragraph or two about  Read more »

Grow Better Pumpkins

Would you like to know more about growing pumpkins? The folks at tell us how. Save that information for next spring and start a pumpkin patch of your own.

Inside the Pumpkin Soup

I recently read a recipe for making pumpkin soup inside a pumpkin. The basic recipe goes like this: Ingredients: 5 lb. pumpkin 2 quarts milk, half-and-half, and/or cream 15 sage leaves 2 tsp. + Sea salt Pepper, to taste 3 Garlic cloves, slivered 2 cups cheese, shredded (Gruyere or Swiss) Italian Parsley, for garnish Directions:  Read more »