Need Your Feedback . . .

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How do you like the current format of Organic Homeschooling? As we begin working on the January issue, I’ve been thinking about changing some things around. What about a “notebook” approach that would allow you to more easily move activities and assignments around?

Do you like the daily written out instructions? Or does that distract you from keeping on track? I would have a hard time staying on such a structured plan, but others love it. We want to know! We are here to serve you, equipping you to teach your children.

2 Responses to Need Your Feedback . . .
  1. Susanna says:

    I responded to the post about how we read OH and felt like I should put my two cents into this one as well. First off, we LOVE OH so much. And thank you for your ministry! We already use the notebook approach with it – I have found it very helpful that way. I like the daily instructions, but I honestly don’t follow them line by line or day by day. I like the structure but we stray from it at the same time, if that makes any sense. When first starting homeschooling, I thought we needed a lot of structure but found that it was causing so much strife. How I wish I had some wisdom about this then. I shifted gears, discovered OH and have really become at peace with our system. Our three children are doing great with it and it makes me feel really good to hear other people remark that they shared something really neat or interesting that they learned. Most people assume I am literally teaching them all the time or something but truth be told, they are learning from the books, their own exploration and mostly through our conversations. I know they are picking up tidbits and sometimes loads of info just from us talking together. All of that I think is pretty much the theory behind OH, to engage with your kids through less structure and more conversation. It is a wonderful concept that is working wonders in our kids. I think there are always things I think can improve or things I can add or bulk up, but I take it a day at a time and a child at a time. So, if I was to assess the curriculum, I wouldn’t change a thing. But if you do, we will roll with it!

  2. kara says:

    I am in tears as I read this. You’ve got it! You completely get it. This is exactly what we want OH to be for families–flexible, enough structure to get things done, but not so much that it hampers relationship. Everything you said is exactly what we’re going for. I’m so glad it’s a help to you.

    And the reason conversation works so well? It’s the method God gives us in Duet. 6. Isn’t He awesome?