How do you read OH?

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We’re working on changes to the January curriculum, and we’d like to know how you use the OH plans.

  • Do you read it from your computer screen or e-reader?
  • Do you print the plans and put them in a notebook?
  • Other ways you read OH?

If you print it out . . . if we wrote plans in a larger text would you use your computer or e-reader instead?

We strive to make homeschooling for your family as easy as possible, right down to the font size, so let us know what you think!

One Response to How do you read OH?
  1. Susanna says:

    I have three homeschoolers with one on the way – thanks a little bit to your theme of being fruitful and multiplying in the Homeschool Today magazine over the summer :) – anyway, I print the curriculum and put it in my notebook to use throughout the month. I keep all the important stuff in there (hands off for all the kids so nothing is ruined) so I like to have it there also. Currently we are using it for all three so it works really well just having one but in the future when we need to begin again the notebook seems much more appealing to keeping everything organzied and in one place. Right now, we do not have a good computer and we do not have an e-reader, but maybe in the future it would be something to consider. These two factors are certainly part of why I prefer a notebook – no gliches or crashing hard drives. All in all, although I am all for saving the trees from needless paper waste, I prefer to have hard copies so I have a tangible system to work with.