What’s Your Feedback?

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Asking again . . . 

You have had the February curriculum for four days. Have you taken a moment to look it over? What do you think? We’d love to know your opinion!

Our goal is to make Organic Homeschooling as simple to use and as streamlined as possible. Are we getting there?

Do you have any questions or confusion? We want to know!


4 Responses to What’s Your Feedback?
  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you soooo much for creating this curriculum. I really enjoy learning and exploring with our girls this way. I am praying for you as you work ahead :)

    We’ve just about made it through day 1 and have glanced ahead a bit… so far I like that you included the links for art and music and the language arts passage in each week’s plans. Pages 19 and 20 (with the songs)… it felt a little confusing to me at first, to move it every week. But I appreciate that moving it saves me 6 pieces of paper (or 3 front and back), because I do print it out! And I also like that the Mom’s assignment was under 10 pgs to read :)

    (disclaimer: our baby is teething and was up a few times last night so I’m in a bit of a fog… which could be why the songs part felt confusing)

    • kara says:

      Yes, Jennifer, I wondered about putting the hymn and song in the week or at the beginning, making them pages 13-14. I think I’ll leave them there for now, but if we get a lot of questions I may move them in September . . .

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far and I hope you get a nap! :)

  2. Brooke Medina says:

    We just finished up the Week One for February. My kids (three, five, and eight) had a great time learning about Punxsutawney Phil and my eight year old is really enjoying The Door in the Wall. For some reason this book is easier to read aloud than The Roller Skates for me (although my eight year old liked that one alot, too). We’re having a great time reading the Reluctant Dragon, as well! Thanks for picking out some great books for this month!

    • kara says:

      Yes, I found Roller Skates harder to read aloud, as well. It’s a good lesson for me that just because it’s a good book doesn’t mean it’s a good read-aloud book! Maybe that’s why I like to listen to Winnie-the-Pooh read by a British reader? It’s much funnier that way!