Compare and Contrast Knights

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It is inevitable that you will compare and contrast The Reluctant Dragon and Saint George and the Dragon. How can the same basic story produce such different reactions? Talk about the similarities and differences.

My children enjoyed greatly our reading of The Reluctant Dragon. It just so happened that at the part where the dragon is abdicating responsibility my oldest sons and husband wandered into the living. We were all laughing as I dramatized the story as best I could. Perhaps it was the poor imitation of a British accent? What a wonderful family memory we built.

What did your children think of the books?

One Response to Compare and Contrast Knights
  1. Jennifer says:

    My girls really enjoyed the Reluctant Dragon too! I was a little apprehensive about Saint George and the Dragon since our house with 3 girls is mostly princesses, tea parties, and butterflies…but decided to give it a chance. Turns out they enjoyed it too!! The 5 year old especially likes to show the cut off tail of the dragon ;) We are planning to turn part of our house into a castle…perhaps like Una’s?… for the last week of knights.

    (Just in case you need it today…Thanks again for creating Organic Homeschooling and for sharing with us on your blog! I enjoy ‘seeing’ what you are doing and appreciate the extra links and ideas.)