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Why not Chronological History?

We recently received a comment from a subscriber that I would like to respond to it in more depth: I LOVE your perspective [on education], Kara. I completely agree with everything except for the non-chronological history thing. Personally its the ONE thing I don’t like about OH. I find it so much more effective for  Read more »

Sing about Dorsey

Kenny Rogers sang a song titled “Dorsey, the Mail Carrying Dog” based on our story. Listen to it here.

Curriculum Despair Follow-up Answers

[First, to be teaching your children about the Lord] you need fellowship with other Christians and to be feasting on the Word so you have something to share with your children! In our former church, we were always the “weird homeschoolers” who kept our children with us, but we still learned many things and had  Read more »

Curriculum Despair Follow-up Questions

Melaina had a few more questions and some kind words (that I edited for brevity): I have let myself get caught in the curriculum trap and it has stolen all the joy from my homeschooling experience. I feel like I have lost touch with who my kids really are as it feels as though I am constantly on  Read more »

Curriculum Despair, Part 2

Are you curious about my response? If you haven’t read Melaina’s questions, go here. I’ll give you the whole shebang, and over the next few days, we’ll take each part in turn and look at it a little more in depth. First, I wish I could reach through this e-mail and give you a great  Read more »

Curriculum Despair

I received a series of questions from Melaina and with her permission, I’d like to share them and my answers with you. Melaina writes: I will try to keep my story short.  A “couple times” switching curriculum is kind of a stretch. It sounds better to say “a couple” than the true number of things  Read more »

Daniel Boone

Learn more about Daniel Boone here. Watch videos and read more about the famous explorer.

Leprechaun Poem

We are busy celebrating our 13-year-old’s birthday, but if you want a fun poem to read today, try “Faith, I Wish I Were a Leprechaun” in Favorite Poems Old and New (page 389). Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Daffodil Exploration

The daffodils are blooming all over a property now, so this morning we went outside to explore and learn all we can about these beautiful flower.  We completed our own self-guided dissection, with little proper terminology and then took our findings to the Internet to learn what the parts are really called! We found great resources  Read more »

Rainbow Poem

Just for fun, at a time of year when rainbows are everywhere, share “The Rainbow” (page 75) from Favorite Poems Old and New with your child.