Monthly Archives: April 2012

How OH Began

When the Murphy family began homeschooling, we behaved like many new homeschoolers. We plunged ourselves into a world of books about homeschooling and curriculum, seeking the one philosophy or method that would allow us to feel that we were doing it right. We flopped from unit studies to classical to Charlotte Mason to something resembling  Read more »

Next Week Off!

The Murphy family will be taking next week off. We will begin our May curriculum on May 7. One think I love about year-round schooling and the way OH is set up are these little week-long breaks that naturally occur. What will we be doing? PAINTING! We have company arriving soon and we want to  Read more »

Resurrection Rolls video

We finally found time to edit/upload our Resurrection Rolls video. (Thanks, Lizzy!) Enjoy!

Beatrix Potter Resource

I found this today and wanted to post it before I forgot—its a couple of coloring books to go with next month’s beatrix potter theme Thanks, Rebecca K, for bringing this to our attention!

Interesting Article on Teaching Math

Ladies, I just read a very interesting article about teaching math. Perhaps you’ve seen it? When you get the opportunity, read it and let me know what you think!

Family Movie Night Recommendation

You may want to preview the movie “Miss Potter” to see if it is an acceptable movie to watch as a family this coming Friday night. Our children enjoyed the animated animals coming alive in Beatrix’s imagination. Another interesting element is a sort of reverse anthropomorphism when her future suitors are each given an animal’s characteristics—pig, horse, and  Read more »

“A Little Night Music” by Mozart

Enjoy the wonderful piece Chester plays. I wonder how it would sound played by a cricket?


I thought this was an interesting article on modern mosaics in a church. (I’m not recommending the church, mind you, but the article is informative.)

On this day in history . . .

Learn more about the battles fought at Lexington and Concord in 1775.

Paul Revere’s Wild Ride

Learn more about Paul Revere’s Ride and the poem it inspired at the Paul Revere House.