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Home Grown Duckling Pics

These are 2011′s rouen ducks, not mallards, but they look very similar.


Today you read a lovely poem about gentians (which is pronounced /JEN shuns/, in case you are unfamiliar with the flower, as I was). Reading about gentians always reminds me of the book by Elizabeth Goudge, Gentian Hill. Not a children’s book, this is lovely fictional novel with beautiful descriptions. It would be a lovely  Read more »

Encourage Reading with Pizza

Do you know about the Book It! program sponsored by Pizza Hut? This is a great way to provide incentive for your children. You set goals with them and when they accomplish their goals, they receive a certificate for a free personal pan pizza. You decide what the goals for your child will be. This program helped one  Read more »


Our family has been incredibly busy lately, but we’re ready to get back to more movie making. So my question for you is this . . . what type of content encourages you most: Practical how-to’s: How to teach using copying and dictation? How to generate discussion during read aloud time? Teaching a child to  Read more »

Beyond OH: Our Approach to Teaching Teens

We recently received a question from an OH mom asking how we approach teaching our older children beyond OH. We currently have four teenagers. My children inform me that we will have five teenagers at a time, based on the age-spacing of our children. The thought of that many teens in one home strikes fear  Read more »

Great Wall of China video

Enjoy this National Geographic video on the Great Wall of China.

This Month’s Hymn

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah is a hymn written by Welsh Williams and composer John Hughes. This famous Christian hymn is a best-loved song in Wales. Read more here.

Our Own HST Winner

One of our own OH moms, Rebecca K., was randomly selected as the winner for this week’s prize at HST! Hurrah! And congratulations, Rebecca! To be reminded to sign up for the new week’s prize, join the Homeschooling Helper e-mail newsletter. I’m really excited about next week’s prize . . . it’s a product I  Read more »

Read More About Bushbabies

We found bushbabies to be particularly interesting since my husband has been to Senegal twice to visit missionaries that we support. Read more about bushbaies and here.

Chinese Foot Binding

I have a confession to make . . . I am enjoying listening to The Secret Garden  on audio free from Librivox. I have completed several more inches of knitting on baby’s jumper, but because I was free on that front, I decided to add another read-aloud—Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze. I was fascinated in  Read more »