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Make sure you print your July curriculum . . .

This is our last day of June in our curriculum. Make sure you print off or bookmark July’s curriculum. July is one of our two short months—three weeks instead of four. We keep things very simple and look forward to seeing you here on Monday! Remember our instructions, “forgetting those things which are behind and  Read more »

Today’s Poem

“Little Things” (which has a double quotation mark at the beginning in your curriculum . . . oops!) By Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land. So the little moments, Humble thought they be, Make the mighty ages Of Eternity. So the little  Read more »

Nature Sketching Ideas

Sometimes a good example helps. Read this and learn more about sketching from nature.

More About Schumann

Learn more about our composer at Classics for Kids. Listen to learn more or read a biography.

A Week of Lessons for The Big Ball of String

If you are interested, I wrote A Week of Lessons featuring The Big Ball of String and published it as an e-download at the HST store. Available immediately, WOLs are five-day picture book unit studies with discussion/activities for each day. They keep the same simple philosophy as OH. Learn lessons of character, geography, sports, art, etc.  Read more »

Fingerprint Art

Here are some more ideas, and here, for creatures to make with fingerprint stamps. Don’t forget to e-mail a picture of your child(ren)’s project to me! (While you’re at it, anytime you have a good pic of your child doing anything OH, we’d love to include it here on the blog. We find that moms and  Read more »

Please pray for traveling mercies . . .

Today our family is traveling to the Charleston, SC area to see friends and do a conference (Friday night and Saturday morning in Mt. Pleasant, if you’re interested) and we appreciate your prayers for safety. We will be on vacation until the end of June with limited Internet connection, so please be patient if you  Read more »

Roast Marshmallows Over a Campfire

Even when we can’t take a camping trip, we like to pitch our tents in the backyard, build a cozy fire and roast marshmallows with sticks. This year I finally learned to prepare a bucket of soapy water and a roll of paper towels in addition to our marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate bars and graham crackers.  Read more »

Expand Your Study of Ponds

There is a delightful book that would be a good book to read aloud or for children to read independently called Among the Pond People. The Baldwin Project/Yesterday’s Classics offers this book free for Internet viewing or for purchase as a book or e-book. Be on the lookout for frogs and tadpoles during your outside  Read more »

Maps for Benjamin

Look at a map of Chester County and Delaware River with these maps.