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Next Week OFF!

Next week, we have no lessons scheduled. Enjoy your week off! We’d appreciate your prayers as we are working hard on next year’s curriculum. Kara’s fingers may do most of the typing, but without the support of everyone in the family OH would not be possible. Steve and Luke do all the “business” of OH.  Read more »

Go Tell Aunt Rhody by Aliki

This book was in our local library in SC. The children loved it and I liked the illustrations. Although out-of-print, paper back copies are reasonably priced if you’d like to look at it.

Nighttime Nature Walk

Nighttime is the best time to see bats. In the mountains where we live, many bats swoop through the front yard. If possible, find a place to see bats for yourself. You’ll enjoy this evening cool nature time better than being out in the hot afternoon!

Schumann Compositions

If you are interested, there is a list on Wikipedia of all of Schumann’s compositions. Some are hyperlinked.


Learn more about these flying mammals at

Night Sky Nature “Walk”

Hot summer nights are a perfect time to enjoy late night nature study. If you can’t see the stars where you live, drive out to the country, throw a blanket on the ground, and look at the many stars.

More Chalk Ideas

Another idea of exploring chalk is to use it on wet paper. Since we are spending a lot of time with water during these hot days, it’s another fun way to learn about this medium and stay cool! 

Shadowed Play

In honor of this month’s poem, try out some of these ideas for experimenting with shadows. This kind of opened-ended exploration is excellent for building thinking skills and problem solving.

Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts – Preschool Fun in a Box

Here is a review I wrote of Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts for the January/February 2011 issue of Homeschooling Today magazine: Imagine a preschool child’s excitement when the mailman arrives with a special package just for him. The package is full of craft materials—everything he needs to make projects for a month. A busy homeschooling mother doesn’t  Read more »

A Recommendation – Shirley’s Prepacked Crafts

There aren’t many other “curriculum” vendors that we recommend as highly as Shirley’s Prepacked Crafts. If you have a three- to five-year-old with whom you want to “do school” but still keep the pressure low,  Shirley’s Prepacked Crafts is a great resource. (Psst! That should be most of you with three- to five-year-olds!) Moms of many will particularly appreciate having  Read more »