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Getting ready for December – Starts Monday!

Our December curriculum begins on Monday, so don’t forget to bookmark your PDF or print out your pages! With all the family and church activities this month, I hope you prioritize the activities in your curriculum. Remember to enjoy your children and include them on the process. This is life—this is learning!

Generations with Vision catalog

Friends, this year we incorporate the resource from Kevin Swanson’s Generations with Vision’s ministry What Does the Bible Say About That? The way my children are responding to this text and to the conversations our family has after reading it pleases me. Recently we received the Generations catalog which included an article, “Worldviews in Conflict,” that rocked my (intellectual)  Read more »

New Bible Story Resource

Starr Meade, author of a Bible story book we used in 2011-12, has written another excellent Bible story book, Wondrous Works of God (Crossway, 2012). A sequel to Mighty Works of God, it includes an additional 90 stories. I appreciate Meade’s clear, interesting presentation and her emphasis of God’s character throughout each account. She avoids the trap of  Read more »

A Turkey Poem to Enjoy

This poem is great practice for reading dialect aloud!  Signs of the Times BY PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR Air a-gittin’ cool an’ coolah, Frost a-comin’ in de night, Hicka’ nuts an’ wa’nuts fallin’, Possum keepin’ out o’ sight. Tu’key struttin’ in de ba’nya’d, Nary step so proud ez his; Keep on struttin’, Mistah Tu’key, Yo’ do’ know  Read more »

Growing Readers

No one denies the importance of reading in the life of a child. The difficulty for parents is choosing from the vast array of literature available. It is challenging to find books that meet the requirements of Philippians 4:8, that encourage a love for story and strengthen personal character, and that are easily available. Enter,  Read more »

Homeschooling When You Can’t Get Out of Bed?

The past three months (post-miscarriage) have been physically difficult for me. I won’t go into unnecessary details, but I spent many days so exhausted or uncomfortable that I was unable to get out bed. Some days I could barely lift my head from the pillow. It has been unlike any experience we’ve ever had. What Happened to  Read more »

A Letter: To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mean Mommy, I am writing, once again, to protest your visit to our house yesterday. I would have thought that my last litany of complaints would have given you pause before you returned, but no. You seem to come and go at will. Well, I have had enough. First, you never give me any warning  Read more »

More About Magic Squares

This PDF tells more about magic squares.