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Starr Meade, author of a Bible story book we used in 2011-12, has written another excellent Bible story book, Wondrous Works of God (Crossway, 2012). A sequel to Mighty Works of God, it includes an additional 90 stories.

I appreciate Meade’s clear, interesting presentation and her emphasis of God’s character throughout each account. She avoids the trap of relegating Bible stories to the genre of moral tales and draws out the Gospel urgency in the story of God’s people.

Although the illustrations are cartoon-like, they are neither irreverent nor trite. Personally, I prefer more realistic illustrations, but for this style of illustration they underscore the text well.

Each reading includes an “As for Me and My House” list of ideas to discuss and apply the text in your home and a suggested illustrative verse that would be a good choice for Bible memory learning.

This volume includes the account of the angel appearing to Mary and the worship of the shepherds which we plan to include during our Christmas reading time. Our youngest ones (one-, three-, and five-years-old) particularly enjoy these engaging stories.

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