Monthly Archives: April 2013

Audiobook Ideas

Most of you know that with the additional care for our oldest son Rich (18) after his car accident, our time has been stretched. I just found out that I can borrow a digital audiobook of May’s chapter book from our local library. That will greatly help me to be able to continue with our  Read more »

Reading Aloud Builds Empathy

My good friend, Liz Cottrill, wrote a beautiful blog post that I think OH subscribers will appreciate. As I am able, I plan to write a few more blog posts about lessons we can learn from my friend Kim.


This article from NACD encouraged me today. NACD is the organization we are working with to provide at-home therapy for our son’s traumatic brain injury.

May 2013 Curriculum

Since we are still working out the details of our new credit card processing, if you would like the May curriculum, pay for it (“subscribe now” on the right) and then e-mail me directly: imagr8fulmom(at) [I wrote this differently so I won't get spam.] Lord willing we will be getting back to our normal routine  Read more »

My Friend Kim has gone to her heavenly reward

Dear friends, 2013 has been a trying year for our family. Rich’s accident in February was difficult. Since late December of 2012 we have also been walking alongside friends, a dear, sweet family in our church as the wife, Kim, battled cancer. Kim Barfield died last Thursday at home surrounded by her husband and six children. She  Read more »