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Is School Over?

“School’s out! School’s out! Teacher let the monkeys out! One went east, One went west, One went on the teacher’s desk!” Perhaps you remember this sing-song poem from your school days? (Or perhaps you remember another less complimentary version?) Years ago, before the days of compulsory attendance laws, children who attended a school outside of  Read more »

Top Ten Ways to Stay Young While Homeschooling

By Marilyn Rockett Run, run! Hurry, hurry! Keep your home reasonable enough to function; be on time for piano lessons, soccer practices, and games; cook meals; do laundry; help with a co-op class; be a wife (oh yeah, that too); and more while teaching your children! Whew! It’s enough to exhaust Mom and give her  Read more »

Ready for Irony?

I confess, I rarely (almost never) read Christianity Today, but we have spent a lot of time in doctor’s waiting rooms recently and an article that declared that “homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks” caught my eye. I encourage you to read the article for context. Are we really supposed to believe that a minority of homeschoolers  Read more »

Don’t Be an Old Maid

You don’t need a special set of cards to play “Old Maid.” A standard set of 52 cards works as well. Learn more here.

Learn About Swans

This site has information about swans, including a quiz. See if your reading so far has given you the information needed to answer the questions and then explore the site to learn more.

June 2013 Curriculum

The June Organic Homeschooling curriculum is now available.  If you would like the June curriculum, pay for it (“subscribe now” on the right) and then e-mail me directly: imagr8fulmom(at) [I wrote this differently so I won't get spam.] Thank you and God Bless, Kara

Flowers Bloom

Watch flowers bloom.  Perhaps your child will draw one of these?

Lessons from a Four-Year-Old

Today is our Josiah Calvin’s fourth birthday. It brings to mind another fourth birthday, our oldest son Rich’s. As a young mom expecting our fourth child, I was eager to begin “doing real school” with Rich. Our meager attempts at three-year-old preschool, complete with a highly aggressive, academic curriculum had failed. Rich’s complete lack of  Read more »

If you have a child that enjoys coloring pages, there is a nice selection of insect coloring pages here. Coloring pages should not replace child-initiated drawings, but some children thrive on them. It is especially nice for the toddler who wants to “do school too” to have something that looks official to work with.

More Hundred Chart Activities

This homeschooling blog lists twenty ideas use learning with a hundred chart. I am very interested in reading this author’s book Let’s Play Math. Sounds like it may be right up our Organic Homeschooling alley.