Top Ten Books for Mom’s Summer Reading

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Summer is around the corner and with the additional playtime for the children outdoors, I will be enjoying light homeschooling reading.

The Artful Parent

Blogger Jean Van’t Hul’s book on Artful Parenting is the best book on encouraging art in children I have read. Look for my upcoming review.

The next six books are books about the homeschooling family lifestyle, four are fictional accounts and two biographical:

Bringing Them Home

Tells the story of the Knight family’s decision to homeschool their four children and follows them through the first year.

As for Me and My House

Sequel to Bringing Them Home, this book continues the story of the Knight family as their children grow into adulthood and begin courting.

Pocketful of Pinecones

Charlotte Mason enthusiast, Karen Andreola, sets her book in the 1930s and tells the story of one mother’s learning about CM methods. What I like about this book is that it shows way to incorporate new methods into your homeschooling without overwhelming you.

Lessons at Blackberry Inn

The continuing story of – and her application of CM within her Christian home.

The Duggars: 20 and Counting

A Love That Multiplies

Although our methods of schooling differ, the Duggars encourage me and I always learn something from them. They also make our household of twelve feel downright small.

Homeschooling with Meek and Quiet Spirit’s mother of eight grown children, Teri Maxwell, addresses common spiritual struggles of homeschooling moms. (This links to the Kindle edition.)

The last two books are not written primarily to a homeschooling audience, but I find the encouragement and information ideal for our family.

Keeping a Nature Journal

Summer in the southeast is a perfect time to be outside and include additional nature study. This book encourages me that nature journaling isn’t only an academic exercise for the children.

All New Square Foot Gardening

Although we live on fifty acres, much of the ground is rocky and soil poor. Also, we learned early that overambitious planting results in weed gardens rather than a lush harvest. Square foot gardening is the solution for our family.

Light summer reading will encourage and inspire you, buoy you for the work to come. Perhaps you will enjoy a few of my favorites. What are your favorite homeschool books?

One Response to Top Ten Books for Mom’s Summer Reading
  1. Susanna D says:

    Thank you for the suggestions… I am always looking for lighter things to read year round really. I can only handle the deeper things certain times of the year and summer, especially, is a time for lighter reading.
    I will try to get a hold of most of these books – already have Karen Andreola’s books and they are wonderful. I also really like a book I have by Sally Clarkson called “Season’s of a Mother’s Heart.” It is good to read through out the year as it is written season to season but I find that when I start it, I want to keep on reading it and not wait until the next season to pick it up again. I think I am on my fourth time through right now. Also, I LOVE a book that many would look at and be intimidated by because it is large and looks like a textbook. It is called “Large Family Logistics” by Kim Brenneman. It is full of great ideas for managing all aspects of family life, full of tips and helps. The author has 10 kids I believe but it is helpful even for the smaller families or families that are not large yet, still growing. The chapters are not long so it makes it really easy to take small doses. Lastly, one that is not homeschool based is “The Backyard Homestead” by Carleen Madigan. It is chock full of tips, ideas, plans, etc for gardening, raising animals and becoming self-sufficient (although I like to say providentially sufficient because God is the one who provides). It is really inspiring! We have had it for two years and are now raising ducks (in part because of OH) and chicks for eggs. We have already been gardening for years but we are adding more and more each year. So, beware of this one… it will entice you to start things you may have never thought of but you won’t be disappointed.
    Thanks again and happy summer reading! I think there should be a summer reading program for adults with incentives :) Maybe I will start one here!