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July 2013 Curriculum Now Available

I’m so sorry our computer issues have delayed next month’s curriculum! The July Organic Homeschooling curriculum is now available.  If you would like the July curriculum, pay for it (“subscribe now” on the right) and then e-mail me directly: imagr8fulmom(at) [I wrote this differently so I won't get spam.] Thank you and God Bless, Kara

Lighthouse Keeper

Enjoy this go-along song today:  

Integrating Holidays and Celebrations into Homeschooling

Next week we will celebrate our country’s birthday. Perhaps you will meet with friends and family, grill hot dogs, and set off fireworks. Children are always ready to participate in celebrations, but they do not always understand why there is a celebration. Holidays and celebrations are a key ingredient in our quest for living real  Read more »

This quarter’s composer

Learn more about Tchaikovsky here.

July is coming . . .

Hello, friends. I am having computer issues and haven’t been able to access the July PDF. As soon as the fellows at Best Buy get the problem fixed (hopefully today) I will let you know. I’m so sorry for the delay!

A Review of “The Artful Parent”

I have come to believe that art is not the “extra” we were taught it to be in public school. Educators today assign great significance to the “three R’s,” science, and social studies, relegating art, music, and P.E. to a Netherland of optional study. For example, in the state in which we used to live  Read more »

Watercolor Paper

For the more serious art student, consider purchasing watercolor paper for his exploration of watercolor paints. Summer is a wonderful to try these messier art supplies outside. When done, we hose the children off and let them jump into the pool. They love the experience and I love the simple cleanup.

Memorizing Poetry

Either of today’s poetry selection make good choices for poetry memorization. At times, I instruct each child to choose one poem to memorize and let them work independently. Some are better at this than others, but we all can and should memorize more poetry. Using the whole method of memorization as explained by Ruth Beechick  Read more »

Birding Resource

If you want to learn about bird calls, this CD is an excellent resource. Which birds can you identify right now? How many bird calls will you learn this summer?

Growth is Gradual

“Mommy, am I taller today than I was yesterday?” My son asks. “Yes.” “Then why can’t I tell?” As adults we understand that the growth of our children is a gradual process. Relatives who see our children only once a year will remark on the definite growth and change in our child, but it is  Read more »