Surprise #2

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“Mama, come quick, Mila [one or our favorite cats] is getting a duckling!”

Lizzy rushed out the door to try (unsuccessfully) to rescue the pitiful bird.

“Looks like we only have nine ducklings, now.” She stared out the window wistfully.

Jonathan counted the ducklings in the tub outside the laundry room. “No, there are still ten here.”

Lizzy, looking out the window answered, “But I saw Mila get one.”

“How did she?” Steve asked, wondering how an outside cat managed to sneak inside and snatch a duckling in the middle of our breakfast.

“When they were out in the yard with the mama duck.”

“They weren’t outside in the yard.”

“But there they are!” Lizzy pointed out the window.

Sure enough ten ducklings followed behind a mama duck across the backyard . . . ten more ducklings!

Apparently we have two good brooder ducks!

Anyone interested in buying ducklings . . . cheap?

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