Traveling and Learning

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Homeschoolers are infamous for turning family vacations into field trips. But with our philosophy of simply living life with our children we don’t have to label our trips in educational terms to see the value of family travel.

Summer is a traditional time for taking road trips. Even if you are just going to stay with family, make the most of your trip. See what interesting sites and exhibits are on your way to and from your destination. While at your journey’s end, is there something to go and see? Since Steve’s mom lives north of Philadelphia, we try to take one day of vacation there to go see historic sites. Over the years, we expose our children to a great variety of special places.

In addition to the obvious learning of history or science, we have found that other important life lessons are learned while playing the tourist. Lessons like flexibility, how to respond in a godly way to rudeness, and what is going on in the culture can be learned with Dad and Mom by the side of the children.

Even if your summer does not include a long trip, it is fun to go touring in your hometown. People often become accustomed to the attractions that are near home. It is common to find locals who have never taken advantage of the opportunities availed to them in their place of birth.

Don’t fall into that trap. Plan an interesting outing to a local museum, exhibit, or event. Concerts in the park, re-enactments, and county fairs are worth the effort it takes of preparing and packing up. You don’t even have to call them field trips, but you can be assured that a lot of learning is going on.

While you are driving, you can make the best use of your time in the car with the suggestions I will share tomorrow.

Are you planning any trips this summer? What is one special thing you can do with your child this summer?

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