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Can you believe that it is almost September again? Look at the last year and thank the Lord for the growth you have seen in your child’s life.

Here at Organic Homeschooling, we encourages a gentle, natural method of teaching.

Too often so-called experts beguile new homeschoolers into trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Many veteran families share stories of jumping from one philosophy to the next, from one curriculum to the other, all in a quest to “do it right.” Our family  groped along trying to find the path that balanced responsibly educating our children with reasonable goals enduring much confusion and turmoil for several years. Much of OH is an outworking of what we have learned.

While the methods and activities presented here can become just as much of a burden to you as any other set of methods, the emphasis is not completing a list of tasks. Rather, the emphasis is enjoying and discipling your child.

There will be times of discipline and correction. There will be times when sin messes up a fundamentally happy home-life. Your child will be grumpy at times, as will you. But the overarching atmosphere of your home can be one of joy.

Why do construction paper crafts? Because they are fun. Why cuddle up and read picture books together rather than sending a child off to read a textbook? Which style increases the relationship you have with your child?

Christian homeschooling parents want their children to be prepared to live a godly life. Knowing how to pay the bills and balance the checkbook is a part of being a person of integrity. It is important to be discerning and well-read to be a responsible citizen. We want our children to read God’s Word on their own and to read it aloud to their children someday.

Having these goals, though, does not mean that our children must be reading at a young age. Or that he must spend three hours a day in front of workbooks. That is a misconception spurred on by our preconceived government-school notions, our American competitive attitudes, and our hurry-up culture. It is fostered by educational professionals, curriculum suppliers, and tax-hungry special interest groups.

How did God’s people teach their children in the Old Testament? Until the return from exile, there were no schools. And even then, schools were for the instruction of grown men. God’s people taught their children to love God and to love their neighbor as they lived alongside one another. Do you think that during those few years when she had Moses in her home, Moses’s mother took him through a phonics program, or even a worldview training program? Did Rachel do the same for Joseph? What was David’s preparation? He practiced his instrument, tending sheep, and became skillful in war. And how did it serve him? David rose to the highest position in the land. Joseph was promoted to the second highest in Egypt, a pagan land.

God will accomplish His purposes in our children; our job is to nurture our children in the ways of the Lord.

In what ways has your this year of homeschooling been a blessing to you? What misconceptions did you have when you began? How has that changed over the last year?

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