Thanksgiving Bonus

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We hope you enjoy this free book study based on the book Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness.

What Are OH Book Studies?

The primary method for teaching our children is conversation. The second is reading aloud. Book studies combine these key methods as we talk with our children about the books we read aloud.

Each book study offers ideas for conversation starters and activities to engage your children with.

How Should a Parent Use an OH Book Study?

Begin by reading the book (or chapter) aloud. Pick an engaging subject from the list of topics. Read from the guide or reword the section in your own words.

Some mothers like to preview the guide to spur ideas for discussion as they emerge naturally.

Re-reading picture books offers many advantages including diving deeper into the topics the book provides.

A book study can be a one-day diversion or a weeklong unit, depending on your family goals. If you stretch out the study, make sure you begin each day by reading the title aloud.

Why Do You Offer OH Book Studies Free?

We believe that parental discipleship is the heart of homeschooling and these guides encourage and facilitate parents in their calling. Each book study is also a mini-study in how to engage your child in book conversations and how to draw important life lessons from the books we read aloud with our children.

Our book studies illustrate one way to organically homeschool children through real book and life.


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