2013 Advent Ideas

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It’s the first week of Advent and the beginning of December. This year we did not create a special Advent download (sorry!) because we ran into unexpected events in November—two funerals and two unplanned trips.

I did did want to share a couple of simple resources I am using with the children this month in addition to our December OH reading.

I found Very Merry Christmas: Activity Book is full of reproducible cut-and-paste pages that are fun and focus on the biblical account of Christ’s birth rather than secular stories. This purchased saved me a lot of time searching the Internet for reproducibles and filtering out the silly ones.

As she did last year, my mom purchased a Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar for our family and the children have a lot of fun interacting with the creative computer-based activities. Since we rarely allow the children to be on the computer this is a treat that frees me to be busy at other things.

Several years ago we received a copy of Advent Calendar on DVD. For each day in December there is a short video segment. Most focus on one Christmas tradition and explain the background behind it. If I remember correctly, one segment toward the end of the month inches toward Universalism which we will either skip or explain at the time, but I still find many of the “history behind the traditions” segments helpful.

In addition to our reading in our Wondrous Works of God story Bible, we will also pull out our copy of Mighty Acts of God from last year to get a more full-orbed view of the Christmas story.

Also for the preschoolers and early elementary aged children I like White Wonderful Winter! by Elaine Good, part of the Good Books season series. It’s currently out-of-print, but there are inexpensive used copies available.

As I am sure you do, we have a busy season ahead of us. I hope these ideas will enhance and encourage you to enjoy this time with your children!

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