Let’s Discuss: The Artful Parent chapter 14

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One of our optional books for Mom’s reading this year is The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art & Creativity by Jean Van’t Hul. Read my review here. Over the next few months, let’s read and discuss this resource to see what we can learn from it and how we can apply it to our families.

(Yes, I know we’re going out of order!)

Look at Artful Activities: Chapter 14 “Homemade Art Materials to Make and Enjoy” pages 269–294

Read Introduction (pages 269–271) and “The Natural Artist” (pages 294–295)

Choose an activity to do with your child and report on how it went:

Artful Activity 51: Making and Playing with Homemade Playdough

Artful Activity 52: No-Cook Playdough (Alternate)

Artful Activity 53: Puffy Paint: A Paint-Squeezing Experience

Artful Activity 54: Salt Dough Ornaments (in December)

Artful Activity 55: Teddy Bear Bread and Caterpillar Rolls (May-insects)

Artful Activity 56: Paintable Cookies with Edible Paint

Artful Activity 57: Air-Dry Clay

Artful Activity 58: Cloud Dough

Artful Activity 59: Homemade Finger Paints

Artful Activity 60: Dyed Pasta and Rice

Artful Activity 61: Recycled Crayon Shapes

One Response to Let’s Discuss: The Artful Parent chapter 14
  1. Susanna Denninger says:

    We made the homemade play dough – no cook one – and did the whole batch as one color. The kids love this dough. I was unsure how much would come out so we thought of making a batch for each color we wanted. This recipe is enough to make at least three colors. I have mason jars with plastic lids (which we accidently bought last year for canning purposes before realizing they were plastic) and one batch more than fills a quart size jar. It is packed in there and even hard to get out because it is so full. So, I highly recommend using a baggie or bowl to store this quantity or make different colors and roll into balls to fit into a jar (like the book shows).
    I plan to make more of this for my little one’s second birthday – probably a couple batches separated into a lot of colors. It is inexpensive to make, safer and so much nicer to work with. She loves play dough but I don’t have it out all the time. She will LOVE getting some jars of it for her birthday!
    I am making the cloud dough, the air dry clay and the finger paints for my nearly 7 year old for her birthday next week. She is all about art – she has filled every notebook we have with drawings and spends every day at the art area creating something. These will be neat for her (and the other kids) to enjoy that we don’t normally have. Finger paints are expensive to buy – I am looking forward to this easy, frugal recipe. I will store these in my smallest jars. I am going to have to figure out what to do once I begin canning this year :) I think I will need some new supplies!
    Also. we are surprising my birthday girl with a tea party lunch and I am thinking the cookies with edible paint would be a fun way to have something sweet. I was planning to make sugar cookies anyway. She will love all of this and we will knock out so many of these recipes in one week! This book is so wonderful and has inspired us to do so much this school year! I will report on all these plans next week when I can offer more about them!