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Look at sample here: http://www.organichomeschooling.com/YearlyCurriculum/SampleYr1.pdf

Organic Homeschooling is no longer a monthly subscription-based product, but a full-year curriculum. At first, we will offer Year 1 available for purchase. Three additional years will be coming soon as we complete them.

The new plan offers weekly lesson plans. It is available as a PDF digital download, as it has been in the past, or you may choose to purchase a hard copy printed in full color and bound in a three-ring binder.

Purchase it here: http://highlandsministriesonline.org/product/books/organic-homeschooling-year-1-curriculum/

We are partnering with Highlands Ministries to make the new curriculum available. Organic Homeschooling users will no longer order the monthly curriculum from the Organic Homeschooling website. You will purchase the full-year plan from Highlands Ministries.

Is Year 1 of the new Organic Homeschooling the same as the first year (2010-2011) of subscription-based curriculum? No. Although there is definitely overlap between the two, we have completely reworked the booklist and schedule.

Organic Homeschool is for use with all of your children from preschool to age 12. It includes:

  • Bible
  • Read Aloud Picture Books and Chapter Books (Literature, Geography, History, and Science)
  • Memorization
  • Natural Language Learning (Copying and Dictation)
  • Creation Science Reading and Activity Ideas
  • Music
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Recommended Curriculum for Basic Skills*
  • Continuing Education for Parents
  • Additional Recommendations for: Family Worship, Additional Creation and Art Materials, Nature Study, Art, Preschool, Singing, Foreign Language Resources, Games, and Beyond the Organic Homeschooling Years.

*Basic Skill Scheduling Charts by Grade will also be available.

Purchase the new, full-year Organic Homeschooling curriculum here: http://highlandsministriesonline.org/product/books/organic-homeschooling-year-1-curriculum/

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