Beginning Organic Homeschool Mid-year

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The new Organic Homeschooling provides content for a full year. Because OH is seasonally appropriate, we break the curriculum into monthly sections. After all, it makes sense to study pumpkins in October and Pilgrims in November.

Many homeschoolers make curriculum selections in April and May and begin a homeschool year mid-Agugst. Because this is the most common pattern, we organized OH to make it easy to use it this way.

Now, this does not mean that if you do not begin mid-August that you cannot use OH. This year my brother and his family came home on furlough and spent the month of August with us. Do you think schoolwork was our priority?

Sometimes families begin one curriculum and realize that it is not a good fit. Must they continue to use it even when it is not best for the family?

Friends, even classroom teachers change and adapt their plans based on the needs of their classroom and they do not have anywhere near the freedom we enjoy as homeschoolers.

First, let me encourage all homeschooling moms. Curriculum is a tool, a servant. There is no ‘I-followed-the-curriculum-perfectly” award at the end of our year or journey. If you do not like my suggestions, use OH as it best serves your family.

My recommendation for families that begin OH in any month other than August is to begin at the beginning of the current month. For example, if you purchase OH on October 12, start with Week 7, the first week of October.

An exception to this is a family with all little children who would be fine skipping the chapter book for that month, in which case, jump in in the current week.

Are the earlier months wasted? No. Either put them at the end of the year or take off mid-June to mid-August and go back to the Week 1 and do them then. Your children will do fine jumping into the middle of the year-long books.

The one big encouragement I have is: DO NOT TRY TO ‘CATCH UP.’ OH is all about simplifying and reducing pressures. Although it may be entirely possible to double up on readings and assignments, it defeats the purpose for which you chose OH!

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