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In Which We Talk About Homeschooling in the Murphy House

In July 2015 our homeschooling life took a drastic turn. Some Background As most of you know, our oldest son Rich suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken pelvis in a car accident in February 2013. Praise God he has made a complete recovery. At the time of the accident we made the decision  Read more »

Some Catching Up

So much has happened since our last series of blog posts! I’d like to give you a detailed record, but I’m afraid I can neither remember it all nor would you all be interested. Here are some highlights. In August 2015 our oldest son, Rich, married his lovely bride, Hannah. (You will remember that Luke  Read more »

Year 2 is Available at Highlands Ministries

Year 2 is Available at Highlands Ministries

For the past several years, Steve and I have been writing and “podcasting” for Highlands Ministries Online. Our podcast is called HomeWise and is available through iTunes or through the Highlands Website ( It is less focused on academic study but rather a broad conversation about family life. When we simplified the Organic Homeschooling curriculum (which  Read more »