Year 2 is Available at Highlands Ministries

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Organic-Homeschooling-Curriculum-Year-2-STOREFor the past several years, Steve and I have been writing and “podcasting” for Highlands Ministries Online. Our podcast is called HomeWise and is available through iTunes or through the Highlands Website ( It is less focused on academic study but rather a broad conversation about family life.

When we simplified the Organic Homeschooling curriculum (which I think I’d prefer to call an un-curriculum) we decided to go to a yearly format. Four years are planned. The first two are complete. The curriculum is designed to be used with all your children together who are ages 3-12.

You can find Year 1 here:

And Year 2 (which unfortunately took longer than anticipated to complete) here:

The years do not correspond with grade levels, since it is a multi-age format. They are designed to be completed in order beginning with Year 1 and progressing to Year 4. If you still have little ones coming up in the wings, restart at Year 1 again when you complete Year 4.

Year 3 and Year 4 are in-process now, so hopefully we won’t run into any roadblocks and those will be available soon.

We have a lot more to share, things we’ve learned, changes to our household, family, and homeschooling. We have a new baby on the way (due in July) and a lot to share about that so look for more posts coming soon!

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