Some Catching Up

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So much has happened since our last series of blog posts! I’d like to give you a detailed record, but I’m afraid I can neither remember it all nor would you all be interested. Here are some highlights.

In August 2015 our oldest son, Rich, married his lovely bride, Hannah. (You will remember that Luke and Sabrina married in May 2015.)

I think you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them if you want to see details better.


Then, in April 2016 Luke and Sabrina had a little girl, our first grandchild and granddaughter Lillyana. Rich and Hannah had a little boy, Jed, in June of the same year.

Here is Lillyana on her first birthday.

IMG_5778Here is Jed at Christmas time.


Yes, we think that they are both amazingly adorable!

Two more grandchildren are on their way, too!

Last summer (and into the fall), we built my parents a house next door. As in Steve and the older boys literally, physical constructed a house for Mom and Dad. Here is it in-process.


This year, Rich has begun construction on his house at the far end of the property. (I’m sure there will be more pics of that to come.)

And as I said yesterday, after a long series of miscarriages, I am 25 weeks pregnant with our eleventh child, a son whom we plan to name Patrick. But more on Patrick later.

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