Breakfast during a Camping Trip, July 2013
Around the table: Matthew (14), Steve (and his coffee), Luke (17), Josiah (4), Harrison (12), Gabriel (5), Jackson (8), Lizzy (16), Jonathan (9), Maggie (2), Rich (18)

Former publisher of Homeschooling Today magazine Steve Murphy, and his wife Kara, are parents to two daughters and eight sons ages two to age eighteen, all organically homeschooled since birth.

Steve: Committed to helping homeschooling families practically as they pursue discipling their children, Steve is a full-time pastor. Organic Homeschooling is an extension of his passion for discipleship, particularly facilitating parents to disciple their children.


Kara: In addition to being a wife and mother, Kara desires to help homeschooling mothers settle into a relationship-based style of homeschooling, overcoming the angst characterizing so many homeschooling moms today. She assists mothers as they disciple their children confidently through real books and real life while still being able to keep up on their many responsibilities as wives, mothers, and homemakers.



Lizzy: Elizabeth Murphy has been “organically homeschooled” since birth. Lizzy loves children’s literature as much as her mom does and runs the website.

Lizzy e-mails the monthly curriculum links and answers questions about the curriculum. She assists in creating blog posts and keeps the blog updated.

In addition to her work with OH and her love of reading, Lizzy also enjoys music—singing, playing violin, and teaching piano to her younger siblings—knitting, baking, sewing, writing, and spending time with her eight brothers and one sister. She is a tremendously valuable asset to the Murphy home and family is a wonderful helper here at OH.


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    Is there a post about the new subscription options? I don’t understand what the differences are. Thanks!

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