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Preparing for Patrick

We are preparing for Patrick’s delivery. The time before a new baby arrives always feels interminably long. The addition of challenges makes it feel doubly so. If you’d like to know more details about Patrick you can listen to our HomeWise podcast in which we talk about our new baby’s special challenges. Steve and I  Read more »

In Which We Talk About Homeschooling in the Murphy House

In July 2015 our homeschooling life took a drastic turn. Some Background As most of you know, our oldest son Rich suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken pelvis in a car accident in February 2013. Praise God he has made a complete recovery. At the time of the accident we made the decision  Read more »

Some Catching Up

So much has happened since our last series of blog posts! I’d like to give you a detailed record, but I’m afraid I can neither remember it all nor would you all be interested. Here are some highlights. In August 2015 our oldest son, Rich, married his lovely bride, Hannah. (You will remember that Luke  Read more »

Year 2 is Available at Highlands Ministries

Year 2 is Available at Highlands Ministries

For the past several years, Steve and I have been writing and “podcasting” for Highlands Ministries Online. Our podcast is called HomeWise and is available through iTunes or through the Highlands Website ( It is less focused on academic study but rather a broad conversation about family life. When we simplified the Organic Homeschooling curriculum (which  Read more »

Year 2 Coming Soon!

I have had a lot of inquiries about the Year 2 (and 3 and 4) curriculum. Yes! We are working on it and hope to have Year 2 published and available through Highlands Ministries ( soon. I’m sorry for the delay. As many of you know following our loss of a baby at 18 weeks  Read more »

Do You Ever Feel Thwarted???

That was my day Monday. As the saying goes, I couldn't win for losing. First, let it be noted that it was Monday. 'Nough said. So, yes, I got up late. And, yes, all the normal morning things took twice as long to accomplish, but I was bound and determined I was going to get  Read more »

History Comes to Bristol

  Last Friday, our family attended a lecture given by Steve Wilkins about Confederate generals Lee and Jackson. Here are two biographies he wrote for the Leaders in Action series. All Things for Good Call of Duty We were so impressed with the stories of godly character from these men's lives. From conversations we had  Read more »

Preparing for Summer

I recieved a nice e-mail from Becky with All About Learning as a follow-up to this blog post that included this information: “I wanted to let you know that we do have a free letter tile replacement program–if you are missing 6 tiles or fewer, we will pop them in the mail for you at  Read more »

Planting Vegetables and Trees

One of the first things that drew us to the property we live on was the huge, old maple near the house. The maple not only provides cooling shade for a house without central air conditioning, but it is beautiful. Given the age of the house and the estimated age of the tree, we believe  Read more »

Better Use of All About Reading

We’ve been using All About Reading (AAR) for about two years. It is, by far, the best curriculum for children with dyslexia that I have seen. I wish it had been available fifteen years ago when our Luke was a little guy struggling with reading. At that time I had fifteen phonics programs on my  Read more »