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Enjoy the Journey

Can you believe that it is almost September again? Look at the last year and thank the Lord for the growth you have seen in your child’s life. Here at Organic Homeschooling, we encourages a gentle, natural method of teaching. Too often so-called experts beguile new homeschoolers into trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Many  Read more »

Teaching You to Fish

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Our desire for Organic Homeschooling is that through it we will assist parents in the high calling of training and disciplining their children for the Lord Jesus Christ. We create tools  Read more »

Homeschool Fun

A fun video to lighten your day. Enjoy your time off!

A Day in the Life of the Murphys

Debra asked: I would LOVE to know what a typical day looks like for you (I.e. waking, chores, school, length of reading aloud, play, lunch:). Pretty much I would love to be a fly on the wall:). I consider myself to be a generally organized person. I like order and definitely strive for it. I  Read more »

Integrating Holidays and Celebrations into Homeschooling

Next week we will celebrate our country’s birthday. Perhaps you will meet with friends and family, grill hot dogs, and set off fireworks. Children are always ready to participate in celebrations, but they do not always understand why there is a celebration. Holidays and celebrations are a key ingredient in our quest for living real  Read more »

Growth is Gradual

“Mommy, am I taller today than I was yesterday?” My son asks. “Yes.” “Then why can’t I tell?” As adults we understand that the growth of our children is a gradual process. Relatives who see our children only once a year will remark on the definite growth and change in our child, but it is  Read more »

Top Ten Ways to Stay Young While Homeschooling

By Marilyn Rockett Run, run! Hurry, hurry! Keep your home reasonable enough to function; be on time for piano lessons, soccer practices, and games; cook meals; do laundry; help with a co-op class; be a wife (oh yeah, that too); and more while teaching your children! Whew! It’s enough to exhaust Mom and give her  Read more »

Top Ten Books for Mom’s Summer Reading

Summer is around the corner and with the additional playtime for the children outdoors, I will be enjoying light homeschooling reading. The Artful Parent Blogger Jean Van’t Hul’s book on Artful Parenting is the best book on encouraging art in children I have read. Look for my upcoming review. The next six books are books  Read more »

Reading Aloud Builds Empathy

My good friend, Liz Cottrill, wrote a beautiful blog post that I think OH subscribers will appreciate. As I am able, I plan to write a few more blog posts about lessons we can learn from my friend Kim.


This article from NACD encouraged me today. NACD is the organization we are working with to provide at-home therapy for our son’s traumatic brain injury.