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Better Use of All About Reading

We’ve been using All About Reading (AAR) for about two years. It is, by far, the best curriculum for children with dyslexia that I have seen. I wish it had been available fifteen years ago when our Luke was a little guy struggling with reading. At that time I had fifteen phonics programs on my  Read more »

Beginning Organic Homeschool Mid-year

The new Organic Homeschooling provides content for a full year. Because OH is seasonally appropriate, we break the curriculum into monthly sections. After all, it makes sense to study pumpkins in October and Pilgrims in November. Many homeschoolers make curriculum selections in April and May and begin a homeschool year mid-Agugst. Because this is the  Read more »

Curriculum Suggestions by Grade Level*

  Preschool– appropriate for children to begin at age 3–6 Pre-reading: My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt Christian Liberty Nature Reader K by Florence M. Lindstrom Pre-writing: Fine Motor Fun by Sherrill B. Flora Preschool Concepts: Use available preschool literature to teach foundational concepts such as colors, counting,  Read more »

2013 Advent Ideas

It’s the first week of Advent and the beginning of December. This year we did not create a special Advent download (sorry!) because we ran into unexpected events in November—two funerals and two unplanned trips. I did did want to share a couple of simple resources I am using with the children this month in  Read more »

Thanksgiving Cookie Idea

Since many of our children aren’t big fans of pies, we’re going to try these pumpkin-flavored cookies. We even found a cool leaf cookie cutter to use to cut them out. Pumpkin Roll-out Cookies I’ll post pictures of our creations to the Facebook page.

December 2013 Overview

For those who are subscribers or will subscribe on the 15th . . . the December  Overview will be e-mailed on Saturday, November 16. I (Kara) will be out of town on the 15th which will delay my being able to send it. Thank you for your understanding. P.S. How’s November going?

Thanksgiving Bonus

We hope you enjoy this free book study based on the book Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness. What Are OH Book Studies? The primary method for teaching our children is conversation. The second is reading aloud. Book studies combine these key methods as we talk with our children about the books we read aloud. Each  Read more »

Preschooler Autumn Book Suggestion

We read a cute book that we found in our local library last week. The text is very simple, too simple for an Organic Homeschooling curriculum book, but it makes a sweet read aloud. Although I picked it up for my two- and four-year-olds, the older children enjoyed the gentle humor as well. It is  Read more »

Enjoy the Journey

Can you believe that it is almost September again? Look at the last year and thank the Lord for the growth you have seen in your child’s life. Here at Organic Homeschooling, we encourages a gentle, natural method of teaching. Too often so-called experts beguile new homeschoolers into trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Many  Read more »

Our Goal is Freedom

It has never been our desire at OH to create curriculum dependent mothers. That is the overwhelming result of the the target marketing of curriculum to homeschoolers that has occurred over the past twenty years. Why should “what curriculum do you use?” be a primary question when meeting other homeschoolers? Too often content becomes the  Read more »