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Teaching You to Fish

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Our desire for Organic Homeschooling is that through it we will assist parents in the high calling of training and disciplining their children for the Lord Jesus Christ. We create tools  Read more »

August Curriculum is now available!

The August 2013 curriculum is available for purchase! We have a fun month planned full of learning. We believe we have fixed some of the credit card processing difficulties. When you purchase your subscription (click “subscribe” on the right-hand column), you will receive an e-mail receipt and an e-mail from us with a link to  Read more »

What Homeschoolers Do on Car Trips

As promised, here are suggestions for how to capitalize on car time during family vacations—or even when running around town Audio Books: We love to listen to books that are downloaded or on CD in the car. The best candidates are those read with appropriate accents. We love Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner read in the droll British  Read more »

Traveling and Learning

Homeschoolers are infamous for turning family vacations into field trips. But with our philosophy of simply living life with our children we don’t have to label our trips in educational terms to see the value of family travel. Summer is a traditional time for taking road trips. Even if you are just going to stay  Read more »

Happy Independence Day!

We’re enjoying a picnic with some of our favorite people today and hope you enjoy your celebration of the birth of our country! Don’t forget to include your children in your preparations. It’s an important part of their “education” and a relationship builder as well. (And try to stay cool!)

July 2013 Curriculum Now Available

I’m so sorry our computer issues have delayed next month’s curriculum! The July Organic Homeschooling curriculum is now available.  If you would like the July curriculum, pay for it (“subscribe now” on the right) and then e-mail me directly: imagr8fulmom(at) [I wrote this differently so I won't get spam.] Thank you and God Bless, Kara

Lighthouse Keeper

Enjoy this go-along song today:  

Integrating Holidays and Celebrations into Homeschooling

Next week we will celebrate our country’s birthday. Perhaps you will meet with friends and family, grill hot dogs, and set off fireworks. Children are always ready to participate in celebrations, but they do not always understand why there is a celebration. Holidays and celebrations are a key ingredient in our quest for living real  Read more »

This quarter’s composer

Learn more about Tchaikovsky here.

A Review of “The Artful Parent”

I have come to believe that art is not the “extra” we were taught it to be in public school. Educators today assign great significance to the “three R’s,” science, and social studies, relegating art, music, and P.E. to a Netherland of optional study. For example, in the state in which we used to live  Read more »