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Surprise #2

“Mama, come quick, Mila [one or our favorite cats] is getting a duckling!” Lizzy rushed out the door to try (unsuccessfully) to rescue the pitiful bird. “Looks like we only have nine ducklings, now.” She stared out the window wistfully. Jonathan counted the ducklings in the tub outside the laundry room. “No, there are still  Read more »


Two weeks ago, we recieved quite a surprise. It seems one of our rouen ducks is a good brooder and good at hiding her eggs (which we normally eat). She hatched out two ducklings! Imagine our surprise when the next day we found three more ducklings, and one more, and finally four on the last  Read more »

Don’t Be an Old Maid

You don’t need a special set of cards to play “Old Maid.” A standard set of 52 cards works as well. Learn more here.

Learn About Swans

This site has information about swans, including a quiz. See if your reading so far has given you the information needed to answer the questions and then explore the site to learn more.

Flowers Bloom

Watch flowers bloom.  Perhaps your child will draw one of these?

If you have a child that enjoys coloring pages, there is a nice selection of insect coloring pages here. Coloring pages should not replace child-initiated drawings, but some children thrive on them. It is especially nice for the toddler who wants to “do school too” to have something that looks official to work with.

More Hundred Chart Activities

This homeschooling blog lists twenty ideas use learning with a hundred chart. I am very interested in reading this author’s book Let’s Play Math. Sounds like it may be right up our Organic Homeschooling alley.  

Clay Ducklings

Incorporate our poetry and art by learning to make clay ducklings. This project is particularly for polymer clay, but could easily be adapted to other types. This article discusses why using clay (and many other kinds of art materials) is important for children.    

Butterfly Lifecycle Worksheet

If your children are interested, this is an attractive set of worksheets with two ways to show a butterfly life cycle: The life cycle of the butterfly    

Explore (Virtual) Pond Life

On a rainy day when you can’t go outside, explore the resources from this site to learn more about pond life. Your children won’t even get their boots wet!