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Preparing for Patrick

We are preparing for Patrick’s delivery. The time before a new baby arrives always feels interminably long. The addition of challenges makes it feel doubly so. If you’d like to know more details about Patrick you can listen to our HomeWise podcast in which we talk about our new baby’s special challenges. Steve and I  Read more »

Some Catching Up

So much has happened since our last series of blog posts! I’d like to give you a detailed record, but I’m afraid I can neither remember it all nor would you all be interested. Here are some highlights. In August 2015 our oldest son, Rich, married his lovely bride, Hannah. (You will remember that Luke  Read more »

We’re Ba-a-ack!

As you may have noticed, the Organic Homexchooling blog has taken a backseat in our life in recent years. In addition to the regular challenge of prioritizing how to use our time as we manage a house-full of children, in February 2013, our oldest son, Rich, was in a serious car accident with a prolonged  Read more »

Discipleship at its Best

Meet the newest member of our OH team! As we work out changes to Organic Homeschooling, one new addition is the help of our oldest daughter Elizabeth Murphy. Lizzy has been “organically homeschooled” since birth. She loves children’s literature as much as her mom does and is excited to learn the ins and outs of  Read more »

A Day in the Life of the Murphys

Debra asked: I would LOVE to know what a typical day looks like for you (I.e. waking, chores, school, length of reading aloud, play, lunch:). Pretty much I would love to be a fly on the wall:). I consider myself to be a generally organized person. I like order and definitely strive for it. I  Read more »

Surprise #2

“Mama, come quick, Mila [one or our favorite cats] is getting a duckling!” Lizzy rushed out the door to try (unsuccessfully) to rescue the pitiful bird. “Looks like we only have nine ducklings, now.” She stared out the window wistfully. Jonathan counted the ducklings in the tub outside the laundry room. “No, there are still  Read more »

Audiobook Ideas

Most of you know that with the additional care for our oldest son Rich (18) after his car accident, our time has been stretched. I just found out that I can borrow a digital audiobook of May’s chapter book from our local library. That will greatly help me to be able to continue with our  Read more »

Spending Time in the Hospital

Friends, last week our oldest son was in a car accident. He is still in the ICU. We covet your prayers. You can read more here:

Homeschooling When You Can’t Get Out of Bed?

The past three months (post-miscarriage) have been physically difficult for me. I won’t go into unnecessary details, but I spent many days so exhausted or uncomfortable that I was unable to get out bed. Some days I could barely lift my head from the pillow. It has been unlike any experience we’ve ever had. What Happened to  Read more »

How’s Everyone Doing?

How’s the first month of the 2012-13 school year going for everyone? It has been a tough, tough month for the Murphy family, but we are surviving by God’s grace. I’m sorry I haven’t been active on the blog, but I encourage you all to help one another via the Facebook page. Lord willing, I’ll  Read more »