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I just realized that we haven’t officially announced to our OH friends that we are expecting #11 around the middle of February. I am reassuringly (but not overwhelmingly) sick, but have lots of support at home. We’ll grow the number of organic homeschoolers one way or another . . .

Please pray for traveling mercies . . .

Today our family is traveling to the Charleston, SC area to see friends and do a conference (Friday night and Saturday morning in Mt. Pleasant, if you’re interested) and we appreciate your prayers for safety. We will be on vacation until the end of June with limited Internet connection, so please be patient if you  Read more »

A Little Magic?

Thursday we attended our local library’s summer reading program which included a local magician/comedian. It was fun and funny. To follow up, we got out a new book about the magician Harry Kellar. Did you know that was a more talented magician whose career lasted longer than Harry Houdini? Find out why you may not  Read more »

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Our six year old turns seven next week so we are celebrating with a couple of families tonight! Don’t forget that Father’s Day in Sunday. Find a fun craft idea to honor Dad.

New Family Pics

We took new family pictures yesterday and have updated the About page. Just for those who are interested . . .

Ten Years of Saint Paddy’s Day

My older daughter shared this scrapbooking page with me today . . . These pictures were taken in 2002, when Rich (closest in the photo) was seven, Matthew (around the table) was almost three, Harrison (back in the high chair) was sixteen months, Kara was ten years younger than she is now :), Lizzy was  Read more »

Lizzy’s Valentine Dessert

As promised, here’s a picture of the dessert Lizzy (14) created on Valentine’s Day for our family. If you’re interested, it is based on this recipe. This is not a “good-for-you” recipe, but boy did it taste good!

Camping in February?

Jonathan couldn’t wait to set up his Christmas tent, so when the opportunity to play with friends presented itself, up went the tent! A collection of sticks became the campfire. (“Not a real fire, Mommy,” Jonathan assured me.) They spent the better part of the afternoon acting out their camping play.

So, What Did Your Boys Do This Afternoon?

   The middle boys made huts in the pasture!