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Better Use of All About Reading

We’ve been using All About Reading (AAR) for about two years. It is, by far, the best curriculum for children with dyslexia that I have seen. I wish it had been available fifteen years ago when our Luke was a little guy struggling with reading. At that time I had fifteen phonics programs on my  Read more »

A Review of The Donkey in the Living Room Book and Nativity Set by Sarah Raymond Cunningham

Finding resources to use with little ones that keep Christ central to our Christmas celebration is difficult. The new book by Sarah Raymond Cunningham titled The Donkey in the Living Room: A Tradition that Celebrates the True Meaning of Christmas will be a big help. The illustrations make the book appropriate for the preschool and  Read more »

A Review of “The Artful Parent”

I have come to believe that art is not the “extra” we were taught it to be in public school. Educators today assign great significance to the “three R’s,” science, and social studies, relegating art, music, and P.E. to a Netherland of optional study. For example, in the state in which we used to live  Read more »

Top Ten Books for Mom’s Summer Reading

Summer is around the corner and with the additional playtime for the children outdoors, I will be enjoying light homeschooling reading. The Artful Parent Blogger Jean Van’t Hul’s book on Artful Parenting is the best book on encouraging art in children I have read. Look for my upcoming review. The next six books are books  Read more »

Generations with Vision catalog

Friends, this year we incorporate the resource from Kevin Swanson’s Generations with Vision’s ministry What Does the Bible Say About That? The way my children are responding to this text and to the conversations our family has after reading it pleases me. Recently we received the Generations catalog which included an article, “Worldviews in Conflict,” that rocked my (intellectual)  Read more »

New Bible Story Resource

Starr Meade, author of a Bible story book we used in 2011-12, has written another excellent Bible story book, Wondrous Works of God (Crossway, 2012). A sequel to Mighty Works of God, it includes an additional 90 stories. I appreciate Meade’s clear, interesting presentation and her emphasis of God’s character throughout each account. She avoids the trap of  Read more »

Growing Readers

No one denies the importance of reading in the life of a child. The difficulty for parents is choosing from the vast array of literature available. It is challenging to find books that meet the requirements of Philippians 4:8, that encourage a love for story and strengthen personal character, and that are easily available. Enter,  Read more »