The proof is in the pudding and I’m sure you’re dying to see how it works.

Look at this sample! Click here.

The purpose of our free sample is to give you a complete look at what you will receive.

We feel comfortable that the sample gives you enough of a picture of what Organic Homeschooling is like that you can confidently purchase.

Monthly Themes

Although we do not want to provide the literature list for the year, we thought it would be helpful for OH users to have a summary of the holidays, celebrations, themes, and topics for each month.

Please note: We will not always cover every topic every year. Every year we study some themes such as winter or Christmas, but others like the Vikings or fables may or may not be included in a particular year.

There are two pages in the PDF. The first covers the fall and winter months, the second spring and summer (because learning doesn’t end).

Each cell contains the month, the number of weeks OH provides structured plans in italics, and seasons, holidays, and celebration days that we celebrate. Then you will find a list of themes and topics that can be addressed that month. This text is color coded. The green text notes a topic that is more science oriented; the blue topics are historical. Black text is used for multidisciplinary topics (often more thematic units) and literary themes.

Occasionally, we choose books for their literary value that do not fit into a particular theme. Sometimes to include the books we want for a year, we shuffle a theme or two between months, studying frogs in June instead of May, for example. Nevertheless, this is the basic plan we use to select books and poems each month.

For our new users, understand that OH is not a “unit study” curriculum, per se. Rather, in the course of real life special days and seasons lend themselves to certain kinds of study. Sometimes the weekly picture books and monthly chapter books are strongly connected simply because the theme is strong (ex. Christmas). At other times the chapter book may engage one topic and the four picture books four other topics. We do not force our literature to fit into certain themes. We do not want to overstretch a theme or wear it out.

17 Responses to Samples
  1. cHANNON DOUGLAS says:

    I would like to receive the sample for November. Thank you!

  2. Glori Baird says:

    I’m just learning about advent celebration/calendar is there any link you commend.

  3. jennifer says:

    thanks for the sample

  4. Martha Sides says:

    I would like to try your curriculum…not sure which month…suprise me and off we will go!

  5. Lisa says:

    I would like to receive the free homeschooling guide

  6. Carol says:

    I’d like to try the free sample that was advertised on the Homeschooling Today website. I’m not sure how to go about getting the sample. I’m very much looking forward to trying this for a month—it sounds great!

    • kara says:

      If you click on the words “here” or “month” at the top of this page where is says “Try one month free! Click here for a recent month.” it should open for you. It is a PDF, so you must have Adobe Reader or something like it. Hope this helps and I’m sorry it’s been confusing.

  7. Lisa says:

    I have requested a sample of the curriculum, but don’t see where to access the November curriculum.

    • kara says:

      Hi, Lisa. The November curriculum is not available anymore. The comment above is from before we ran the special on Jan. 5. The curriculum that is available is for January, and if you click on the words “here” or “month” the PDF should open for you in a new window. Thanks for stopping by OH!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Good Morning! I am excited to try your curriculum. We are already doing Math u See and Easy Grammar but we felt we were missing something. Do you know when you’ll have a sample that is not January? I would really like to try it but I don’t want to do anything with Christmas since we are so far from it…so I might wait…. thanks so much for answering my questions!

    • kara says:

      Hi, Jennifer. Welcome to Organic Homeschooling.

      Um, I can’t exactly tell you when we’re going to change the sample since that wouldn’t be very fair to the customers that pay for it each month. I can tell you that the sample is usually a month or two behind for that reason. We feel comfortable that the sample gives you enough of a picture of what Organic Homeschooling is like that you can confidently purchase, if you want the most current month. If you want to use the January sample, you could always substitute a book for The Twelve Days of Christmas.

      Others encourage us not to provide a full-month sample and give only a week or two and pieces of the month, but I know as a homeschooling mom, I like to see more before I purchase, even if it is just $9.95.

      I hope this helps!

      • Diana says:

        My 2 cents :)

        I thinkyou should decide on a full month sample that is not holiday based and then either not change it or only change it a couple times a year. That will prevent people from only waiting for the new sample rather than buying it, and it will also give them a sample they can not just SEE but try out any time of year. I agree that it should be a full sample…otherwise you cant really know what the product is. Thanks for sharing :)

        • kara says:

          I’m sorry, Diana, I think I might be confused. The current sample is from January and although it does include the Twelve Days of Christmas book, it is not holiday-based per se.

          Perhaps we’re missing each other here: Each month is very month and season specific so there is no one “generic” month that would be appropriate for use any month of the year. The February sample would include a book about President’s Day or Valentine’s Day, October includes activities appropriate for a time when the leaves are falling, in August our theme is the seashore/beach, etc.

          We provide a full month sample (despite being told not to) so you can see completely what you are getting, but we don’t think that $9.95 is too great of a risk to try the current month.

          Does that help? Thanks for your suggestion!

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